Technologeez: The Internet

What is the Internet, anyway?

Getting Around in the Internet

  1. Your laptop/phone sends a message (using computer networking, remember!) to your internet company, usually via a WiFi router, saying “Hey, they want!”
  2. The internet company flips through the super long DNS address book to find the IP address of a computer in the Google cloud. The IP address is similar to a street address of a house, except this is an address of a particular computer.
  3. The internet company then sends a message to that computer in the Google cloud, saying, “Hey, someone wants!”
  4. The computer in the Google cloud receives the message, and sends the Google search page back to you via your internet company &WiFi router.
11 steps to get to!

Yes, it is that simple.




I like communities and quiet places.

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Natalie Mead

Natalie Mead

I like communities and quiet places.

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