The city will fully reopen on June 15

Just over a year ago, one of San Francisco’s most iconic book stores was repurposed into a movie theater.

The arrangement was nothing more than a projector and a bedsheet, and the moviegoers were the store’s co-owner, his family, and another family in their quarantine pod. …

To my surprise, I actually felt like I was part of the celebration

Incense, a candle, and a bound wedding program on a table with a blue and white floral tablecloth.

When the couple sent their save-the-date card back in March, we should have known we weren’t going to physically attend the wedding. But September seemed far away, and we couldn’t imagine that the pandemic would continue to rage. The groom is one of my husband’s closest friends; we told them…

What don’t they tell you at the hospital? Basically everything. At least all of the confusion gave me something to write about. That’s my first consolation prize. There are lots of consolation prizes in hospitals, too. It feels like receiving a certificate of participation in elementary school in the science…

I’m back and answering the questions about tech that you’ve always been afraid to ask. Be sure to comment or otherwise reach out if you have more questions, or follow-up questions. But today, we’re finally getting to the big leagues: The Internet. The question I’ll attempt to answer today:


Natalie Mead

I like communities and quiet places.

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